The critical missing part from many Cloud Strategies > Carrier interconnectivity > GDPR, Cyber Essential’s , PCI, ISO27001 > all bring challenges – Many of which can be reduced by not connecting over the public internet but privately over carrier to carrier MPLS connections. 

Our 100GB Cisco carrier network allows you to host with us and interconnect with your and your customers MPLS > every carrier on the planet privately. We can even deploy FTTC/FTTP to an employee’s house and they can connect to your platform securly over MPLS without ever touching the internet > and connect to all PUBLIC cloud directly without ever touching the internet. 

Hosted Cisco Security

From Hosted Physcial and Virtual Next generation firewalls both in our PAAS/IAAS platform and in public cloud – The key element to delivering secure cloud access is Cisco AMP Advanced malware protection

Features and Capabilities

Advanced malware protection must be as pervasive as the malware it is designed to combat. This requires an integrated set of controls and a continuous process to detect, confirm, track, analyze, and remediate these threats – before, during, and after an attack.

  • Before: Get the best global threat intelligence to strengthen network defenses.
  • During: Use that intelligence, known file signatures, and dynamic file analysis technology to block known malware, policy-violating file types, and communications trying to infiltrate the network.
  • After: Continuously analyze files and network traffic for threats that evade your first lines of defense, get deep visibility into the activity and behavior of the threat, and then rapidly respond to and contain an active attack with a few clicks.

Cisco AMP for Networks delivers protection along the entire attack continuum with the following key features and capabilities:

Identify Stealthy Attacks

  • Continuous analysis tracks files after they’ve entered the network
  • Retrospective security alerts you to take action during and after an attack
  • Multi-source indications of compromise correlates discrete events for better detection

Reduce the Amount of Actionable Malware Events

  • File and application control helps you limit policy-violating files and actions
  • Known malware blocking offers real-time file dispositions to help detect and stop attacks

Gain an Efficient Workflow for Investigations

  • File trajectory tracks file transmissions across the network
  • File capture allows you to store and retrieve files for further analysis
  • Integration of Threat Grid provides a safe, highly secure sandbox environment to analyze the behavior of suspect files
  • Automated prioritization of high-risk events assigns threat scores

Nuvoteq MPLS – Home, Office and Cloud

With technology advancing at lightning speed, secure and resilient connectivity has now become a critical component of enabling businesses to deliver value. But when sharing confidential data between sites, it’s imperative that your connection meets the highest security standards. So how can you balance the need for security with the connectivity requirements of the modern Enterprise?

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) from Nuvoteq offers a private network (VPN) for next-generation inter-site connections.

Connect to your MPLS provider or ANY Carrier

Thanks to our close partnerships with multiple carriers, Nuvoteq Managed MPLS Network can provide resilient connectivity over a wide range of access types as well as secure internet breakout, enabling you to get fast and secure data networking across the UK – all at a competitive price. And as Nuvoteq will manage your private network on your behalf, you’ll also benefit from 24/7 support and monitoring from our UK-based technical experts.