Every ten years there seems to a cycle of centralise > de-centralise < and back again…..

The same can now be said of cloud with many customers moving critical systems back from the cloud.

There are some key metrics driving this change

  • Cost – Cloud can be very expensive – Ingress and Egress are terms to be watched closley
  • Cloud Performance – Public clouds are just that – Many Service providers build clouds for the masses and when you move from your dedicated custom designed system to a generic cloud system – Often you cant performance tune as you would have before
  • Control – With your own cloud platform you can “get under the hood” and manage and deploy as required – With public cloud shared platforms, they are built so you cannot change anything
  • When it all goes wrong – Datacentres go offline – Just Google AWS, Azure or even a Google DC outage and there are many instances – With your own DC you are in control and number 1 on a list of 1 to get resolution

When planning, a cloud strategy as below is key.

  • We need to work out what works in the cloud and what doesnt.
  • What the commercial basis for this is
  • What kind of cloud – Public, Private, Hybrid
  • Test applications ready for the cloud
  • Test Cloud migrations – in both directions
  • Deliver strong Cloud Security – Public and Private
  • Ensure the Cloud Management is simple and across all platforms consitent 
  • Ensure there is a Disaster recovery and backup solution deployed

We do this through a series of workshops and planning days to build a complete and thorough cloud strategy.