With over 10 years of building carrier grade public & private cloud platforms –

We have deep Expertise from cradle to grave, designing deploying and running large scale public and private clouds

You’ve set your 5 year strategy as “Cloud First” – What now? Moving to the Cloud can be a scary proposition – Not all applications perform well in the cloud – We have the expertise to deliver your strategy and make moving to or from the cloud simple.

  • Cloud Consutlancy – Planning & Strategy
  • Public Cloud – AWS, Azure & Google
  • Cloud Consultancy – Migrations, Healhtcheck & Updates
  • Hybrid Cloud – Integration with on premise & AWS Vmware

Cloud Planning & Strategy

Every ten years there seems to a cycle of centralise > de-centralise < and back again…..

The same can now be said of cloud with many customers moving critical systems back from the cloud.

There are some key metrics driving this change

  • Cost – Cloud can be very expensive – Ingress and Egress are terms to be watched closley
  • Cloud Performance – Public clouds are just that – Many Service providers build clouds for the masses and when you move from your dedicated custom designed system to a generic cloud system – Often you cant performance tune as you would have before
  • Control – With your own cloud platform you can “get under the hood” and manage and deploy as required – With public cloud shared platforms, they are built so you cannot change anything
  • When it all goes wrong – Datacentres go offline – Just Google AWS, Azure or even a Google DC outage and there are many instances – With your own DC you are in control and number 1 on a list of 1 to get resolution

When planning, a cloud strategy as below is key.

  • We need to work out what works in the cloud and what doesnt.
  • What the commercial basis for this is
  • What kind of cloud – Public, Private, Hybrid
  • Test applications ready for the cloud
  • Test Cloud migrations – in both directions
  • Deliver strong Cloud Security – Public and Private
  • Ensure the Cloud Management is simple and across all platforms consitent 
  • Ensure there is a Disaster recovery and backup solution deployed

We do this through a series of workshops and planning days to build a complete and thorough cloud strategy.

Public Cloud

Providing consultancy and service delivery for the key cloud providers

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google

The public cloud is defined as computing services offered by third-party providers over the public Internet, making them available to anyone who wants to use or purchase them.

They may be free of charge or sold on demand, allowing customers to only pay per usage for the CPU cycles, storage or bandwidth they consume.


Private Cloud

Supporting our clients building private cloud – Typically hosted in 3rd party datacentres such as

  • Equinix
  • Telehouse
  • Volta
  • Vertus
  • The Bunker
  • And many more

These systems are often split across multiple sites – built with a 100% uptime SLA – Utilising the latest Active/Active technology.

A 3rd site often deployed at a former nuclear bunker for true DR.

The key to delivering large scale private cloud is building manageable, scalable systems, utilising off the shelf vendor technology to simplifiy deployment and support.

A typical private cloud platform would consist of

  • MetroCluster Multi Site – All SSD Storage
  • Deployable Compute Power
  • 100GB Core networking
  • Enterprise Virtualisation such as VMware
  • Telecoms Grade Security and Management

Built as a dedicated system – Available on either Opex or Capex basis – Meaning you get all the benifits of public cloud without the cost headaches – scale in a much simpler and managed fashion.


Hybrid Cloud

We primarily partner with AWS to deliver hybrid cloud’s. This allows a single interface and management system to deliver on premise Private and hosted Public cloud – blending seemlessly between the two. 

With VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can simplify their Hybrid IT operations by using the same VMware Cloud Foundation technologies 

  • vSphere
  • vSAN,
  • NSX
  • vCenter Server

across their on-premises data centers and on the AWS Cloud without having to purchase any new or custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating models.

The service automatically provisions infrastructure and provides full VM compatibility and workload portability between your on-premises environments and the AWS Cloud.

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can leverage AWS’ breadth of services, including compute, databases, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), security, mobile, deployment, application services, and more.