Supporting our clients building private cloud – Typically hosted in 3rd party datacentres such as

  • Equinix
  • Telehouse
  • Volta
  • Vertus
  • The Bunker
  • And many more

These systems are often split across multiple sites – built with a 100% uptime SLA – Utilising the latest Active/Active technology.

A 3rd site often deployed at a former nuclear bunker for true DR.

The key to delivering large scale private cloud is building manageable, scalable systems, utilising off the shelf vendor technology to simplifiy deployment and support.

A typical private cloud platform would consist of

  • MetroCluster Multi Site – All SSD Storage
  • Deployable Compute Power
  • 100GB Core networking
  • Enterprise Virtualisation such as VMware
  • Telecoms Grade Security and Management

Built as a dedicated system – Available on either Opex or Capex basis – Meaning you get all the benifits of public cloud without the cost headaches – scale in a much simpler and managed fashion.