Cloud storage is rapidly changing how organizations build, manage and deliver data services. Large clouds are now being built by enterprises who are transforming into IT-as-a-Service providers, as well as service providers that now oer cloud services to business customers who no longer want to manage IT. To achieve their goals of modernizing cloud-based oerings, today’s cloud storage-as-a-service providers have identified two critical requirements that are essential to delivering on their mission: software-defined storage and platform-centric service delivery.

Welcome To The Era of Software-Defined Storage Software Defined Storage (SDS) is the next stage of IT infrastructure virtualization. SDS like Scality’s RING supports multiple workloads and standard server hardware in a single, petabyte-scale system, providing flexible, cost-ecient, and
highly-scalable storage infrastructure.

The Power of a Cloud Storage Platform

A platform-centric approach to cloud services provides unique capabilities in managing distributed infrastructure,
provisioning resources, automating controls and aggregating a number of applications into a common services

CTERA Networks is the leader in cloud storage and a provider of a next-generation Cloud Storage Services

Platform that transforms Scality’s software-defined storage RING into a wide variety of managed file services enabling organizations to serve, protect and collaborate on file-based data, like never before.

The CTERA Cloud Storage Services Platform for Scality RING, software-defined storage, gives enterprise IT-as-a-Service organizations and public cloud service providers a quick and easy way to leverage their cloud storage to launch a variety of storage-as-a-service oerings. With ultimate
automation, multi-tenancy, security and the broadest portfolio of cloud-enabled storage services, CTERA’s Scality-certified solutions facilitate highly cost-eective, centrally managed services that address a number of IT initiatives